Whats Nearby

Nearest Banks

There is a Sun Bank cash machine in the Winn Dixie supermarket entrance area. This cash machine seems to accept most UK credit cards. Further along the main road from Winn Dixie on the left hand side is a Nations Bank. During opening hours you can change travellers cheques and use most major UK credit cards to withdraw cash. Remember you need your passport with you to verify your identity before you can change travellers cheques. There is also a 'hole in the wall' cash machine, which seems to accept most major UK credit cards.
Dollar travellers cheques should be taken to the U.S.A. and may be used like cash in most shops and restaurants.
Please Note: 
Travellers cheques in any other currency are only cashable at the bank and not all branches will take them.

Credit Cards
Most restaurants, shops and attractions accept all major credit cards